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Our method

Cork – our raw material

Cork’s excellent properties make it an ideal material to seal wine bottles.
Thanks to these qualities, it pairs perfectly with your wines.
Cork is their most reliable partner.




Superior quality

From the cork oak to the stopper

All of our cork comes from the Alentejo and Algarve regions of Portugal and from Spain.
We have operations there so that we can participate in the manufacturing process.
Our business is based on the intrinsic quality of the raw materials.
Working on site, our role is to approve the choice of cork before processing
and confirm quality before loading.

Over the course of 25 years, we have developed processing and disinfecting
methods that improve final quality significantly. We ask our partners to follow them:

  • Large-diameter production (25 mm)
  • Steam sterilization of the cork
  • Pre-washing the stoppers in a hydro-alcoholic solution
  • Peroxide-free organic wash
  • Disinfection using a limited amount of peroxide to maintain the cork’s natural appearance
  • Low-temperature storage

From cork to bottling

Our quality department is affiliated with a network of laboratories and analyses
each batch of stoppers at reception to provide you the best possible product.

  • Sensory analysis,
    with 2,500 corks tested every week
  • Capillarity tests
  • Extraction force analysis
  • Mass density analysis
  • Humidity controls
  • Dimensional tests
  • Peroxide residue tests
  • Pressure tests for liquids and gases
  • More than 1,000 analyses
    of haloanisole and halophenol content conducted
  • Traceability system:
    Batch identification and recording at every step

Each batch is then sorted at least twice, optically and manually, to identify defects
and categorize the corks into groups of uniform appearance.
And, finally:

Customized marking,
branded or printed
Pre-positioning of the corks
upon request
Sealing with a paraffin
wax/silicone coating
Technical data sheet
provided with delivery
“ We eliminate all doubt about
the quality of your corks ”
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