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Our expertise

Our mission is to support fine wines

Choosing the proper cork to close your wine is essential to meeting your
commitment and your clients’ expectations. The cork is in direct contact
with your wine
and must contribute to proper ageing and development
so that the wine can be enjoyed at its best.

While natural cork is clearly the closure solution of choice, certain precautions
are necessary. Our job is to help you succeed in this step by choosing natural
cork stoppers that we have tested and selected, allowing your wine to retain
its freshness and clean aromas.

Our dedicated team ensures quality

Our expert team works collaboratively on your projects.
Operating on a human scale, we build a relationship of trust benefiting your wines.

Frédéric Fournier, CEO and Owner
Juliette Fournier, Executive Manager
Claude and Gilles Desgarnier, Founders
Laurence Soumet and Didier Lachapelle, Sales Managers
Sandrine Chen, Administrative Manager
Julien Baccaud and Alvaro Ferreira, Logistics Managers
Catherine Munico, Quality Manager
Martine Cabanat (and her team), Product Selection Manager
Michel Valla (and his team), Cork Branding Manager

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T. +33 (0)5 57 35 39 35 -
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